6 Places to Unlock Quietness in French Riviera


In a world that travels as fast as ours does, a quiet vacation is something that we all need. This is where we start to count our options. Most beach holidays are filled with too many people, tourists have marred most traditional spots and some of the best natural beauties we could see a few years ago are filled with the vacation rush now.
So, amidst the grueling summer months, where do we go?

I believe, French Riviera might be the answer. Now, don’t chastise me, I do know how crowded the Cote d’Azur can get, but, in between it all, there’s a lot to find, a lot of places to rest our heads in peace. What’s more, a French Riviera mansion as your vacation stay, is no longer out of your reach.
So, what does one have to do to have a quiet vacation in French Riviera?

1. Visit Bandol
A true-blue Mediterranean town, this place is known for being one of the rare spaces where D. H. Lawrence found peace. As you enter the port, you would understand why.
The quiet place inspires melodies and holds many secrets. Port de Bandol is crowded with yachts and pleasure boats that you can board for a leisurely journey through the seas, while, a stroll down the Port of Coudoullere comes highly recommended.
Ile de Bendor has the smallest port in all of Riviera filled with charming boutiques and shops. And if you are still not satisfied, you can give the old Sanary in Mann a visit. This is the place that German writers turned into their literary heaven during Hitler’s reign. Walk the streets that Brecht walked, and find pleasure as only Lawrence could, and you have your perfect start to a vacation.

2. Swim in Ile de Porquerolles
Ile de Porquerolles is one of the three beaches in the Iles d’Hyeres is one of the best spots in the entire French Riviera. This beach curves and is filled with Eucalyptus and pine trees, and you can walk among them. But, what clinched the deal for me was the fact that this island is entirely free of cars.
So, get yourself ready for a long trek through the long island and find your peace in the different places. The Plage de Notre Dame is one of the best beaches along the entire French Riviera. It has quiet water and remains empty most of the year.
You would be hard placed to find another place with as much fauna as this. The old oak and juniper trees crowd this nationally protected reserve and provide the perfect place to get lost in.

3. Find yourself in Eze
Located between the prime attractions of Monaco and Nice, is the all but forgotten town of Eze. The town is a history book writing itself. Walk along the wide staircases which reveal a modern attraction at every single corner. You would not be hard-pressed to find a cafe or boutique that catches your fancy.
However, it is Jardin Exotique d’Eze that makes me include this place in the list. A quiet garden on the mountaintop, this is one of those places where you will find absolute quiet as you stare at the Mediterranean moving at its own pace beneath you. Do not forget to catch the sunset, and sit down and be quiet for a while. Another place I recommend visiting is a small cemetery just beyond the village church. This is an old cemetery where the soldiers from World War 1 were buried, and it offers a peaceful place for reflection.

4. Visit La Londe des Maures
Wild and unkempt La Londe at the foot of Maures is one of those places you have to visit for seeing the French Riviera completely untouched by human hands. Granted it is one of those places that is notoriously difficult to access by the typical tourist, but, once, you get there, the little beaches by the sea fulfills all your wishes and more.
Just a stone’s throw away from the beach is the French President’s house.
If sea-life has always enchanted you, you will be hard-pressed to find a place as quiet and loving as the beach Pellegrin, which offers many chances for you to go scuba diving or snorkeling. And trust me, there’s nothing more peaceful than being in a calm sea with only fish for company.

5. Visit the Agay beach
Now, this is one of those places that remains forgotten even now, which is all the more blissful for us because we get to have a magnificent view all for ourselves. A beautiful bay welcomes you at the foot of Esterel mountains and is filled with stunning views all through.

With a vast amount of flora around the beaches and rocks to walk through you would not be left wanting. Plomp down and enjoy the local seafood fare when you are there because that is how as good as it ever gets.
If you are into a bit of quiet adventure, walk along to the Eastern part of the beach, you can rent out kayaks and go for a bit of experience of the sea.

This is not where it ends of course. You cannot go to the French Riviera and not visit the marketplaces at Nice, or get yourself drenched in perfume from the lavender fields at Grasse. However, if a quiet vacation away from the prying eyes of tourists is what you need, get yourself down to the above places. You will be hard placed to find anywhere more peaceful.