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Enduro, all-day cross-nation epics, bike park sessions, or singletrack shredding — irrespective of your inclination, our mountain bikes are made to rip. They make vodka, gin and moonshine, and are working on a rye, a bourbon and Wildfire Whiskey. Mike’s White Lightning Moonshine Corn Whiskey, Bennett Mill Bourbon and Whiskey, Barrel + Rye Rye Whiskey and Outdated House Malt Whiskey. They’re also planning on a port cask completed expression of Breaker Bourbon, utilizing bourbon distilled in Tennessee and a wheated model distilled in Ohio.

Unbiased Distilling Co. , Decatur, GA. This distillery is working on Hellbender Corn Whiskey and Bourbon and Outlier Single Malt and Wheat Whiskey. J. Riley Distillery , Redlands, CA. This distillery plans to release California Clear, a white whiskey, and Jeremiah Riley Bourbon, each made with blue corn and barley.

Krobar Craft Distillery ( Barton Household Wines ), Paso Robles, CA. This distillery is working on a rye whiskey and a bourbon, the label on the bourbon does not specify if it is sourced or distilled in-house. Arctic Harvest , North Pole, AK. Established in 2014, this distillery plans to make Solstice Shine Whiskey.

In addition they plan to release Black Bear Bourbon and Black Bear Legacy Artisan Moonshine Whiskey. Barrel Home Distilling Co. , Lexington, KY. This microdistillery makes Woodshed Whisky, Barrel House Bourbon, Rock Fort Bourbon and Ray’s Reserve Bourbon. Independent Distillery , Tucson, AZ. This distillery opened in 2015 and plans to make bourbon and other whiskeys.

Fish Hawk Spirits , Ocala, FL. This distillery plans to make Sui Generis Whiskey,a corn whiskey. They use heirloom corn varieties equivalent to sweetcorn, blue popcorn and bloody butcher and use a single-selection rye. Their first batch of wheat whiskey was made by them, to their specs, using the stills at Las Vegas Distillery, however they now make all of it at their own distillery.