Enduro, all-day cross-country epics, bike park periods, or singletrack shredding — regardless of your inclination, our mountain bikes are made to tear. Paso Robles Craft Distilling , Paso Robles, CA. Based by the owners of Villicana Vineyard, this distillery makes vodka and gin and is working on Re:Discover Rye, Bourbon and Whiskey and Cover Crop Whiskey as well as a rye whiskey beneath the SLO Brew label.

Lazy Man Distillery , Kennesaw, GA. This distillery is working on Cold Coronary heart Whiskey, Threesome Whiskey, Kennesaw Lightning Corn Whiskey, The Common Corn Whiskey, Black Sheep ‘Shine Corn Whiskey, fifth Article 1887 Rye, Embers Bourbon and Side Monitor Bourbon.

Anchor Distilling ( The Griffin Group ), San Francisco, CA. One of many first craft distilleries, the well-known California brewery opened a distillery within the 1993 and makes the Outdated Potrero Single Malt Rye. Additionally they plan to make bourbon and different whiskeys.

Charbay , St. Helena, CA. this micro in Napa County makes hop flavored whiskey under the Charbay label, R5 and S. Additionally they launched the unaged Charbay Double and Twisted Gentle Whiskey and Amador Whiskey Co. Hop-Flavored Whiskey. Whistling Hare Distillery , Westminster, CO. This distillery makes malt whiskey and blue corn bourbon.

Dusty Barn Distillery , Mount Vernon, IN. This distillery is making Doc’s Hoosier Moon corn whiskey, Doc’s Casked Corn, a corn whiskey and Doc’s Rye. They are additionally planning a barrel aged three grain (corn, wheat and rye) whiskey which they hope to place into barrels in 2012.