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Enduro, all-day cross-nation epics, bike park classes, or singletrack shredding — irrespective of your inclination, our mountain bikes are made to rip. Spirit Works Distillery , Sebastopol, CA. This distillery makes wheat, triticale and rye whiskey in addition to a completed whiskey. Golden Gate Whisky Co. malt whiskey is also made on the Sutherland stills by one other company that contracts to make use of them.

They’re also bottling 4 Kings, a rye whiskey composed of a mix of whiskeys made by them, Corsiar Distillery, Few Spirits and Journeyman Distilling. DB Distilling , Bloomfield, CT. This distillery plans to release whiskey underneath the Waypoint Spirits label.

They make a wide range of various kinds of whiskey including bourbon, rye, millet, oat and four grain. Thumb Butte Distillery , Prescott, AZ. Engaged on 1888 Rodeo Rye, Bloody Basin Bourbon and Central Highlands Single Malt. Mystic Mountain Spirits , Larkspur, CO. This distillery make plenty of “moonshines” as well as Aces Excessive Bourbon and is planning to bottle Outlaw Whiskey, a bourbon, and Mystic Legacy Straight Whiskey, both of which can be sourced.

Additionally they plan to bottle Copper Cross Hybrid Whiskey, a mix of bourbon and rye distilled in Indiana. New Alchemy Distilling , El Dorado Hills, CA. This distillery plans to make White Satan Whiskey, an unaged rye mash whiskey and Chimera Whiskey. They’re planning to release their very own Galena Reserve wheat and malt and bourbon whiskeys in addition to some sourced MGP bourbons under the Galena Reserve label.

It is not clear from the coloralabel if the whiskey is distilled in-house or sourced. John Emerald Distilling Co. , Opelika, AL. This distillery is working on a single malt smoked with pecan and peach woods. Dogfish Head Distilling Co. , Milton, DE. This brewery has opened a distillery and plans to release a malt whiskey.